Stuttgart Rosenstein | IBA’27 project: Maker City
Graphic shows a fictional street situation from the air. On the left is a construction site, in the middle a street on which a car is driving, on the right a sidewalk next to a house entrance including front garden.

International building exhibitions are an instrument of regional and urban development. They set high standards and develop social, cultural, economic and ecological innovations responding to change in urban development and landscape planning.

The aim of the Internationale Bauausstellung 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart (IBA’27), is to find new ideas for the cities and open spaces in the 21st century, trying and testing these in the Stuttgart region. 100 years after the Stuttgarter Weissenhofsiedlung, which in 1927 initiated radical changes for modern urban development, IBA’27 is looking for answers to the question: How will we be living and working in the future?

Aerial view of area C1 on the Rosenstein development site.
The Maker City is planned for the area C1 of the Stuttgart Rosenstein development area.
The Maker City is being created in the C1 area around the Wagenhallen

Since July 2020, the quarter C1 Wagenhallen has been one of currently 14 IBA’27 projects (as of April 2021). The urban development of the area surrounding the Stuttgart Wagenhallen is intended to be an experimental field for productive-creative pilot projects and for new concepts for a diverse city. The winning design of the urban development competition visualises the area as what they call the “Maker City”. The idea here is to combine ecology affordable housing, living together with urban production, culture, educational and research facilities as well as gardening and agriculture in the city.

Visualisation of the Maker City in Stuttgart Rosenstein
Display of the Maker City from the urban planning competition. Visualisation: asp Architekten/Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur
Selected IBA’27 projects

In addition to area C1, the Maker City, numerous other building projects in StadtRegion are part of the Internationale Bauausstellung 2027.

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