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International ideas contest – Space for ideas

What is to be developed here?

During summer 2024, the City of Stuttgart carries out an international ideas contest: The so-called „space for ideas“ is to be created at the future central station. From 15 May to 15 July 2024 people from all over the world could submit proposals for the use of the space becoming available at Manfred-Rommel-Platz, where we have the skylights of the future central station. The aim is for people to feel attracted in future to Stuttgart’s top location so that they can identify with what is under development there.

What happens next?

Ideas could be submitted digitally until 15 July. We would like to thank all participants for the hundreds of ideas that were submitted. The jury will make a pre-selection after the 2024 summer break. The best ideas will then be honoured by the jury and recognised at an awards ceremony.

The dates

- 6 November 2024: Jury meeting (not open to the public)

- 8 November 2024: Presentation of the results at a press conference

- 8 November to 24 November: Exhibition of the results at Königstraße 1, near the central station

- 19 November 2024 from 6.30 pm: public award ceremony at Studio Amore, near the central station

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The jury decides on the best ideas. It has a total of € 30,000 in prize money at its disposal.
A diverse jury honours the best ideas

The jury
The jury for the international ideas contes consists of citizens, members of the municipal council, the youth council as well as the Mayor for Urban Development, Housing and the Environment Peter Pätzold. They are joined by experts from the fields of culture, science, business, tourism, sociology, architecture/planning and ecology.

Click here for a more detailed overview of the jury.

A total of 30,000 euros in prize money
A total of 24,000 euros in prize money is available for the award - the jury will decide on the exact distribution. It can give more weight to ideas than others, but does not have to. In addition, the jury has a further 6,000 euros at its disposal for recognitions - i.e. for ideas that have not received a prize but stand out due to their remarkable achievements. (All prize money is stated in gross figures).

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A3 – Space for Ideas

What can be created here? The "A3" area is directly adjacent to the planned Manfred-Rommel-Platz with the light eyes of the main station.


The light eyes of Manfred-Rommel-Platz can already be seen. In future, it will form the roof of the station. Large parts of the area are to be greened.


Z7 A4633f

Schlossgarten (Municipal garden)

In future, the Schlossgarten will be directly adjacent to special unit A3.

Former Bahndirektion (Railroad management)

LBBW (Landesbank)

Europaquartier small

Future Europaquartier

The Europaquartier is being built on today's railroad tracks.

Königstraße 1–3

Bahnhofsvorplatz (Station forecourt)

The station forecourt is to be traffic-calmed in the long term. To achieve this, the city ring road is to be extended and routed via Wolframstrasse.

The Area A3

The A3 terrain is directly located at Manfred-Rommel-Platz, where we have the skylights of the central station. It links the square with the newly developed Europaquartier and acts as the lead-in to the new Stuttgart Rosenstein district. With an area of approximately 60 × 117 metres, the construction field offers space for future-oriented design. In the international ideas contest, we are looking for concrete proposals for the use of this central area.

Details of the task can still be viewed here.

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The the start of the international ideas contest

Suggestions for developing ideas

Results from the previous participation
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