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On the road to the future

The mobile interactive exhibition on Stuttgart Rosenstein and the Special Unit A3

Be a part of it right from the start!

The mobile exhibition on Stuttgart Rosenstein, the new district to be developed directly behind the future Stuttgart central station, was launched in summer 2023. On four weekends between May and September, the mobile exhibition stopped off in four different districts. In addition to providing information on the current state of planning on Stuttgart’s biggest urban development project, the exhibition offered the opportunity to participate. This year’s focus was on the development of the Special Unit A3, which directly borders on Manfred-Rommel-Platz and is to become a key location as part of Stuttgart Rosenstein. On 18 October, the first results were presented in the StadtPalais – Museum für Stuttgart. The entire documentation can be found on the following pages.

The objective of the mobile exhibition is to visit more districts in Stuttgart with their own local centres in the upcoming years. Doing so, all Stuttgart residents will have the opportunity to get information just around the corner and to get involved.

The participation

Direct dialogue

In addition to the exhibition, the planbar hochdrei office developed an A3 guideline for participation, which enabled exhibition staff to conduct a more in-depth discussion with visitors and gather ideas of how to use the A3 area. The aim of this involvement was to find out the needs, wishes and concerns of the urban society as regards the future design of the A3 area.

Accompanying online participation

At the same time, an online participation took place, which also focussed on the Special Unit A3 that will be the lead-in to the new quarter. All people interested were able to participate, previous knowledge was not required. From May to the beginning of October, the survey was online. At the end of the day, 1,394 citizens participated, divided into 1,034 participants who found and completed the link via the website and 360 participants who were randomly addressed and invited to participate.

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What happens next

From the approximately 5,000 visitors of the mobile exhibition, 1,396 people participated using various methods. 1,394 people participated in the accompanying online participation. Numerous wishes and requirements, but also concerns were formulated. Afterwards, these were documented, organised and analysed. For the entire documentation, click here (in German).

In 2024 regarding the special unit A3, an international brainstorming without admission restriction will take place with the findings of the 2023 participation as a basis of the tender. In addition, these will be a decision-making tool for the jury.

What can happen here?

Special Unit A3
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