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Interactive exhibition

The large wooden model, which reproduced the framework plan on a scale of 1:250 and offered numerous herb boxes and seating facilities – an ideal place to relax – was the centrepiece of the mobile exhibition on Stuttgart Rosenstein. There was also the central wooden module, a construction 3 x 9 x 2.4 metres which served as a stage, workshop area and exhibition space. The additional six display cabinets offered information on the individual project topics.

The flexible and open arrangement of the cabinets provided a smooth transition from outside to inside. Depending on the spatial situation, the exhibition could be seen from several directions, allowing the viewers to take a closer look. This offered an opportunity for dialogue in a public space, which encouraged exchange with the help of content and pop-up furniture.

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A bird’s-eye view of the exhibition: The information cabinets and the large wooden module with further information and opportunities to participate are grouped around the centre model.

Informing and taking part

The interactive exhibition was an open exhibition for everyone. Over the summer months in 2023 it provided Stuttgart Rosenstein – on five dates – with a framework in a public space. Not only was clear information on the current plans available, visitors were able to give their opinion on the Special Unit A3.

Realisation of the results

The suggestions for the utilisation concept A3 that were collected in the summer of 2023 will be incorporated in the call for international brainstorming This will take place in summer 2024 and is open to all. People from Stuttgart – and the whole world – who want to be involved, are requested to develop and submit precise utilisation proposals on the basis of the surveys made in summer 2023. The best ideas will be acclaimed by a jury and exhibited. The municipal council will then decide which of the successful ideas will be taken into account in the final utilisation concept.

Participation "On the road to the future"

Result documentation
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