Stuttgart Rosenstein | Completion of the urban development framework

Completion of the urban development framework

The urban development framework

The winning design of the consortium asp Architekten/Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur from the Rosenstein urban development competition, which took place from July 2018 to July 2019, offers numerous guidelines for the future design of the new district and visionary ideas how in the future living together and working in the area to be developed can be. Based on this urban and landscaping concept the Office for Urban Planning and Housing has been developing a framework in cooperation with the commissioned planners.

The urban development framework is an informal instrument of urban planning. It is not legally binding and precedes the development of the legally binding land-use plans. The preparation of a framework is very elaborate. The preceding competition will be detailed and revised. Design versions will be presented, discussed and checked for feasibility. The many facets of city life, from mobility to green planning, must be finely tuned. The urban planners therefore work in close cooperation with other disciplines and offices. The framework is a combination of vision, targets and the needs of a most diverse society. It is the foundation for successful urban development in the City of Stuttgart.