Stuttgart Rosenstein | Sustainability
A young woman stands on the balcony, in the foreground you can see the half-opened door. She is planting flowers in narrow flower boxes. The sun is shining.


The vision for 2050 is that Stuttgart will have become a climate-neutral city by then. The basis for this is the energy concept “Urbanisation of the energy transition in Stuttgart”. On the way to a climate-neutral city Stuttgart Rosenstein will play a key role.

But energy supply is only one of many aspects. Only a finely tuned interplay of many measures and concepts can enable truly sustainable urban development. These range from a well-thought use of land and selection of the right building materials, such as wood, to the mobility mix, infrastructure and use of green areas.

A balanced coexistence between human beings and animals is also important for sustainability in urban development. Species protection shall be integrated into the planning. With these measures, a truly sustainable district is created through the interaction of many disciplines.

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