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Luftbild A
Sub-area A is planned for the development of the future Europaquartier. The transition to the neighbouring Europaviertel or Mittlerer Schlossgarten is to become a popular place to visit with the open, green spaces offering a place for relaxation.

The Europaquartier is located directly next to the Stuttgart central station and is bordered by the existing Europaviertel and Mittlerer Schlossgarten. The Bonatzbau of the Stuttgart central station marks the crossover between Europaquartier and city centre. Europaquartier is the most central sub-area in Stuttgart Rosenstein. In addition, here the special unit A3 is to be developed – it will be the entrance to the new district.


Special unit A3

The special unit A3 will be the prelude to the new Stuttgart Rosenstein district. Area A3 is located directly on Manfred-Rommel-Platz, at the new railway station's architectural light eyes. It connects the square with the newly emerging Europaquartier. With an area of around 60 × 117 meters, the construction site offers space for forward-looking design.

Athener Straße 01

Athener Straße (street)

Athener Strasse is located directly between the existing Europaviertel and the new Europaquartier. It forms a play, sports and exercise strip that functions as a central open space for the Europaquartier.

Gymnasium Europaquartier 01

Secondary school

Two school units are planned on the site of the future Europaquartier. These are centrally located between two neighborhoods. The secondary school could be built here.

Grundschule Europaquartier 01

Elementary school

Two school units are planned on the site of the future Europaquartier. These are centrally located between two neighborhoods. The elementary school can be built here.

Sockelzone 01

Elevated plinth zone

Raised plinth zones will be created towards the edge of the park to compensate for the difference in height towards the "Schlossgarten" and provide space for commercial, cultural and social uses, for example.

Nachbarschaft A

Neighborhood with high point and square

A neighborhood square with a view of the greenery and a high point form the core of the neighborhoods in the future Europaquartier.

Wolframstraße 01

Special unit Wolframstraße

The Wolframstrasse special unit could provide space for concerts and other events in the field of music culture. It is also conceivable that the building could also be designed as a conference center for small to medium-sized events in order to make it available for use around the clock. Citizens, clubs and schools will also have the opportunity to use this future building block as a rehearsal room, for example.


Europaquartier has three neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood is surrounded by public open spaces, Athener Straße and Schlossgarten. A neighbourhood consists of three blocks and a multi-storey dwelling. A neighbourhood square with a view to the natural surroundings and a high point will form the centre of the neighbourhoods in the Europaquartier of the future. The high points in the form of 30-metre-high multi-storey dwellings place emphasis on urban development and are to make neighbourhood squares and the borders of the park visible.

Nachbarschaft A
All three neighbourhoods in the Europaquartier are based on the same structural principle.
Mixed use

Europaquartier is an urban sub-area that benefits from its location on the green belt of Athener Straße and the adjacent Schlossgarten. The framework plan proposes 70 percent of the areas for living, 20 percent for business of all kinds and 10 percent for social programmes in the quarter.

Due to topography, there will be raised plinth areas towards the border of the park to be used commercially and socially. Athener Straße will get its character from an urban mix of uses that is possible by using a ground floor zone with a depth of 21 metres. The neighbourhood plazas are to be framed by social facilities and open community areas.

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