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Rosensteinquartier is to become a compact, all-out greened quarter combining an urban quality of life with green living.

The future Rosensteinquartier borders on Rosensteinpark and Unterer Schlossgarten. The greenery from the direct surroundings will be extensively reflected in thus sub-area. The transformation of the existing railway embankment and the edge of the park will offer opportunities for future public open spaces.

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Campus South

Campus South forms the southern end of the "Rosensteinquartier" and is located directly between Gleisbogenpark and Unterer Schlossgarten. It will house a primary school and a community school as well as areas for school sports. In addition to school use, the sports halls and outdoor sports facilities will also be used by clubs and the general public.

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The neighborhood is to be characterized by green, semi-public courtyards and a communal neighborhood square.


Green Loop

The Loop is a ring road - designed as a wide, green street space. It links the existing and new districts with each other.

Parkkante 01

Conservation areas

A high proportion of areas is earmarked for nature and species conservation, including at the edge of the park towards the "Schlossgarten".

Campus Nord 01

Campus North

Campus North focuses on lifelong learning with different educational locations and learning environments. The high school, secondary school and elementary school are to form a unique location together with the locomotive shed from 1919. Its external appearance is to be retained. The different structures and the open space could offer areas for learning, art, culture, sport and exercise and generally for spending time and open encounters.

Explosion Quartiershub

District hub

A hybrid district hub with a square in front of it forms the heart of every neighborhood.


Rosensteinquartier forms four neighbourhoods, each with a hub with a square in front of it as a shared place. There are open blocks positioned around this centre. Most of the roofs of the neighbourhood are to be greened, have a high proportion of photovoltaic systems and in some parts provide children and young people with playgrounds and exercise areas. The inner courtyards are to be characterised by greenery that can also be increased by ground-based façade greening.

Nachbarschaft Rosensteinquartier 01
The neighbourhoods in the Rosensteinquartier are characterised by green, semi-public courtyards and a shared neighbourhood square.
Mixed use

Rosensteinquartier is to consist of a total of four neighbourhoods: 70 percent is planned for housing and 15 percent for social facilities and commercial entities respectively. On the ground floor along the loop, offices, businesses or services and restaurants are to be located, whereas the upper floors will mainly be residential. There will be some housing available on the ground floor of the inner part of the neighbourhood. The centre of the neighbourhood is to be highlighted and made livelier by smaller high points, as well as social, communal uses on the ground floor.

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