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Man in a workshop leans on the table, he holds his cell phone in his hand and writes something down.


The proportion of commercial use in the new district should at least be one third of the proportion of residential construction. As a result, workplaces will again become a natural part of the city centre.

In particular the ground floor space is intended to enable a lively and diverse mix of uses. Whether it’s a restaurant, gym, conference room, carpenter’s workshop, studio or small business – here nearly everything can be realised.

Visualisation of the Maker City in Stuttgart Rosenstein
In the “productive street” business people are settling who produce goods on site, so living and working in Stuttgart Rosenstein can once again take place in one place.
New Work

Co-working spaces, pop-ups and what we call fab labs are ideal for the ground floor space. Office and retail space is rented jointly or temporarily, providing flexibility for work in the quarter. This has become in particular popular among start-ups, self-employed and creative people. Fab labs are used to provide individuals or small businesses access to modern, digital manufacturing processes.

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