Stuttgart Rosenstein | The vision
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The vision

Stuttgart Rosenstein is to become an exemplary district for how we will live in the future. It should be sustainable and climate-friendly and

combine living, working and housing at the same time. To this end, the motto is to realise many new ideas for contemporary urban development.

Stuttgart Rosenstein should not only correspond to today’s urban planning models and state-of-the-art technology – innovative solutions

for living together within the district should also be realised. Some 85 hectares of space are available for this.

Ideen für das Leben von morgen

The winning design from the international urban planning competition
Rosenstein allows for five partial areas to be realised on the space
available. The ‘Europaquartier’ [Europe quarter] is to be built directly
behind the central station followed by ‘Gleisbogenpark’ [track curve
park], which shall run like a green ribbon through the entire district.
On the border to the east of Stuttgart and Rosenstein Park, the
Rosenstein quarter including Rosenstein Campus is planned and the area
around ‘Wagenhallen’ will be developed into what we call the Maker City.

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