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Special Unit A3 – Space for Ideas

What is to be developed here?

The central station offers room for ideas: on the A3 area at the doorway to the future Stuttgart Rosenstein district, a new flagship of the State Capital is to be developed. We need your opinion. In the summer of 2024, you can submit your ideas of how to use it in an international brainstorming session.

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A3 – Space for Ideas

What can be created here? The "A3" area is directly adjacent to the planned Manfred-Rommel-Platz with the light eyes of the main station.


The light eyes of Manfred-Rommel-Platz can already be seen. In future, it will form the roof of the station. Large parts of the area are to be greened.


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Schlossgarten (Municipal garden)

In future, the Schlossgarten will be directly adjacent to special unit A3.

Former Bahndirektion (Railroad management)

LBBW (Landesbank)

Europaquartier small

Future Europaquartier

The Europaquartier is being built on today's railroad tracks.

Königstraße 1–3

Bahnhofsvorplatz (Station forecourt)

The station forecourt is to be traffic-calmed in the long term. To achieve this, the city ring road is to be extended and routed via Wolframstrasse.

The Area A3

The A3 terrain is directly located at Manfred-Rommel-Platz, where we have the skylights of the central station. It links the square with the newly developed Europaquartier and acts as the lead-in to the new Stuttgart Rosenstein district. With an area of approximately 60 × 117 metres, the construction field offers space for future-oriented design.

A row of trees will be planted between Manfred-Rommel-Platz and the new A3 Unit. As an alternative or supplement, a green façade on the new building is also possible.

Competition of ideas

In summer 2024, an international brainstorming will take place, which is open to everyone. People from Stuttgart and all over the world interested in becoming involved are called on to develop and submit precise utilisation proposals. The best ideas will be acclaimed by a jury and exhibited. The municipal council will then decide which of the successful ideas will be taken into account in the final utilisation concept. Subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to be informed about the start of the international brainstorming.

A3 Floor plan
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Field of Ideas

Where the platforms of the terminus station are still located today, something completely new can be created on an area of around 60 x 117 metres. Your suggestions, wishes and concerns are already being asked for in the participation section. The best ideas for this area will then be selected in an international brainstorming session.

Row of trees and/or green façade

A row of trees is planned between the light eyes on Manfred-Rommel-Platz and the special unit A3. Alternatively or as a supplement, a green façade design might also be possible.

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Manfred-Rommel-Platz is part of the future Stuttgart railway station. The light eyes of the station concourse are located here. Large parts of the square are to be greened.


Europaquartier small


The new Europaquartier is being built directly adjacent to the special unit A3.

Z7 A4633f

Schlossgarten (Municipal garden)

LBBW (Landesbank)

A3 Ansicht
View from Schlossgarten. A row of trees is to separate the A3 Unit from Manfred-Rommel-Platz (on the left). Alternatively, a green façade is also possible. A multi-level underground car park with parking spaces for cars and bicycles is planned. The entrance from the central station is at a higher level than from the Europaquartier.
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Image from Manfred-Rommel-Platz. The A3 Unit is directly accessible from the roof of the underground station. Direct connections from the concourse into the building are also possible. The city train tunnel runs underneath the concourse.
A3 Ansicht3
Sectional view. The Athener Straße (on the left) with its greenery is some six metres higher than the Schlossgarten (on the right). The city train runs underneath Athener Straße.

On the road to the future

Results of the 2023 participation
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